The way of Saint Olav in Norway

The way of Saint Olav in Norway

It consists of a network with more than 5000km in Scandinavia that links a great deal of places related to Saint Olav: churches, monasteries and chapels are part of the way of Saint Olav. The small fountain of Saint Olav and Nidaros cathedral are part of the same heritage.

The pilgrim road in Scandinavia, or the way of Saint Olav to Nidaros, consists of a route network with over 5000km, being located more than 2000km in Norway. This cultural heritage is appreciated by a great deal of people in Norway and abroad.

The way of Saint Olav consists of two main historical routes: the eastern one with “Romboleden” is the most important and starts from Stockholm outskirts and the Baltic sea, and the one that leaves from the south or west of the continent with different alternatives.

The route that best connects Nidaros with the continent is the western one, crossing the border of Germany to Denmark, following over Viborg to Frederikshavn and by ship to Gotenburg and then continues over Vadstena and Karlstad to Trysil and Nidaros or by ship to Larvik/Oslo to go on northwards over Gudbrandsdalen to Nidaros. The routes are, with some exceptions, well documented and signaled.


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